Why Tarot?

We all need each other.  It doesn’t feel like it sometimes, but we do.  Sitting down with someone face to face for a conversation (without a phone in your hand) is becoming a luxurious experience that can bring us grounding we didn’t even know we needed.

My experience reading tarot cards with people is so inspiring and healing to me, and I’ll let you in on why.  How many times this week has a stranger said “Hi” or smiled at you on the street?  Made eye contact?  Okay, how many times this week has a complete stranger asked to sit down with you to ask your advice, fully trusting the power of simple human connection?

Now we’re getting closer.

The magic of tarot is based in this trust, this connection.  It’s not all that goes into a reading, but it’s the beginning of a good one.  A good question comes next.  It may be “Should I take this new job offer?” or “What can I do to get back to a deeper place with my partner?”or “What in the hell is going on?”, but whatever the question, the fact that you have allowed yourself to connect and put a question out to the universe is all that matters.  And really, that’s all you have to do as a readee.  If you have a really good reader, they will be connected with you at this point and be a conduit between the answers and you.  It will flow from here.  It feels great.  Even if challenges are shown, it still feels good.  It feels ENGAGED.

And we have this tool that’s a bunch of pretty pictures on paper:  TAROT CARDS!  That’s pretty much all they are…just pretty pictures on paper.  I don’t believe the cards have inherent power, but I do honor them as a sacred tool of human to human, and human to universal connection.  They are there to illustrate ideas that are hard to put into words, like the art that they are.

It is my hope (and belief) that more people will start to suspend their fear of the unknown (and fear of knowing!)  to start to formulate a new enlightened kind of human connection and interaction.  It doesn’t have to use cards, but in my experience, reading tarot cards with people is the most inspiring and hopeful work I’ve done in Bloomington in my thirteen years here.  I hope you will try a turn at the table.  <3




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