The Turning of the Wheel

Wheel of Fortune-Heather Watts

Wheel of Fortune-Heather Watts

The end of the year can inspire many intense emotions from all parts of the spectrum.  Some feel pressure to go broke buying gifts that are “required.”  Some reflect on the dying year and inflict guilt and harsh judgement upon themselves for not accomplishing everything they thought they should have.  Some feel sadness in the speed at which time seems to travel.  Some experience intense joy at reuniting with favorite family members, just to have to part with them for another year.  In short, December can be rough.  And it’s cold.

How can we help ourselves?  My close friends and I each pull a card for ourselves at the end of the year for the coming cycle of the wheel.  As I do this each year, I have found that it’s not only “good” but now feels necessary for me.  This guide, whether it is a goddess, animal, archetype, or tarot card, teaches and inspires me throughout the year.  I carry it with me day to day; sometimes it challenges me and other times it inspires me to be strong.

It’s helpful to have one simple guide that floats through the year with you.  And in these times of extreme multi-tasking, coming back again and again to one quiet “drushti”, or focus, is so beneficial.  If you practice yoga, you know that coming back down to child’s pose allows you to release your excess energy and quietly reconnect with your intention.  It is simply re-energizing.

I also pull monthly guides for myself.  For example, my year guide could be the Japanese goddess Uzume, and this month I pull the 2 of cups.  Uzume reminds me to laugh and keep my heart light-and the 2 of Cups asks that I utilize the loving connections I have with my partner, my best friends, and my gods to truly *enjoy* the Yule season and go with the flow.

Here are some examples I have found that are great monthly or yearly guides:

Mantras (vocal chants), gods or goddesses, animal spirit guides, mudras (meditative hand positions), archetypes.

I hope you find this practice beneficial.  As always, this is your personal spiritual path, so follow your intuition!  If a specific animal keeps showing up in your life, ask why.  Sometimes we get guides we are confused by or afraid of.  There are lessons in these guides.  Chances are you are ready to face whatever challenge they bring you.  Now is a great time for this work.  The wheel is turning and soon all will be new…again.

Best of all worlds,


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