The Importance of Belief

The importance of belief

When I tell people what I do, so many ask, “Do you really believe in tarot?”

At first I would laugh a lot and be like, “Of course I do! How could I go to work every day and offer this service if I didn’t believe in it?” But I remember back to old jobs and realize that just because you work toward something, or work hard for someone, that hard work doesn’t necessarily mean you believe in the work or the person you are working for.All tarot readers have different specialties, and mine is INSPIRATION. Because I spent a lot of years in service to work I didn’t always believe in, I am passionate (ask anyone who knows me) about helping you find what YOU are passionate about…and letting the arrow fly.  I want everyone I meet to get to BELIEVE in themselves and the work they do every day.  Belief can be a process, and I believe tarot readings are a tool that is essential to assist us in the process…our path to full becoming our true selves. To fly our freak flags. To believe in our work, to believe in our relationships, and beyond.
(Photo by Ally Phelps at Jane Austen Festival 2016)September Special:
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