We offer Tarot Readings, Astrology Chart Intros, Chakra Readings, Animal Oracle Readings, and Monthly Guide Sessions

Readings by Appointment Only at 812-369-4582

TAROT READING:  Our tarot readings are great for those who are engaged with their path and truly want to better themselves, explore their spirituality, manage a challenging situation, heal, and more.  A reading consists of a question, laying out a spread, and reading the cards.  I will address your idea by interpreting the cards and inspiring a renewed sense of clarity regarding your current path.  I encourage all my clients to realize their own potential within themselves.  Come see why my readings are gaining notoriety as a one-of-a-kind experience!  Available 30/60 minutes: $50/$90.  Call 812.369.4582

ASTROLOGY CHART INTRO:  Want to learn more about your birth chart?  This one hour service focuses on your Sun, Moon, & Rising signs.  You’ll leave with a better understanding of these signs and a copy of your chart.  Must provide exact time of birth (no guessing!).  Please book at least 48 hours in advance.  1 hour reading, $90.  Call 812.369.4582 to book.

ANIMAL ORACLE READING:  This fun and insightful reading will find nine animals that offer guidance to you at this time.  We will use animal cards and a short guided meditation (no experience necessary!) to reveal which animals are at work in different areas of your life.  Each animal represents an aspect of your personal journey, and some may surprise you!  Come for fun, leave inspired!  Includes a take-home sheet with info on your animals.  My Animal Oracle readings continue to be a favorite among clients.  1 hour reading, $90.  Call 812.369.4582

CHAKRA READING:  I collaborate with cards, guided meditation, and intuition to assist you in checking in with your 7 energy centers, also known as chakras.  Each chakra will be energetically activated (by you!) through a gentle and simple guided meditation.  Learn to bring awareness to your chakras so you may tap into this inner wisdom for yourself in your daily life.  1 hour reading, $90.  Call 812.369.4582

SACRED GUIDE READING:  Work with one symbolic guide.  We will use your choice of cards to find your tarot, animal, goddess, or archetype guide for the month/season/or year.  We will discover what activities/workings you can practice to learn the most from your guide.  This is a great way to start a focused spiritual practice.  Available in 30/60 minutes: $50/$90.  Call 812.369.4582 to book.

STUDENT DISCOUNT: 20% off all services with a valid student ID (phone & email readings not included)

 All services are confidential and performed under our personal ethics based in service, respect, and confidentiality.

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