Luna Cycle Circles



Hosted by Julia Z & Kara.  7-9pm, $10 drop-in

or purchase LUNA PASS for all four circles, $30 below

New Moon 1/16/18; Waxing Moon 1/23/18; Full Moon 1/30/18; Waning Moon 2/6/18

For millennia, humans have been gazing at the ever-changing Moon: cycling through phases of illuminating the heavens, and disappearing to some mysterious underworld. As we grew we began to ask questions: What is the Moon’s connection to the tides? To animal behavior? Human emotions? To menses?

In this Circle, we will learn about lunar goddesses and establish practices for honoring and working with the Moon to focus the energy of our own cycles. Participants will leave with Book of Shadows pages and an anointed candle. The Luna Cycle Circle is open to all womyn-identified womyn seeking to deepen their relationship with our luminous satellite. Womyn-identified womyn welcome, walk-ins welcome.

Drop in rate: $10 per class

Luna Pass for all four circles: $30

Name of Attendee:

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