2/26/18 COMMUNITY MONDAY Join us for open shopping hours (no readings) 12-6pm.  Drop in anytime today to do your magickal shopping!

MARCH 2018

3/1/18  MOONTHLY FULL MOON CIRCLE w/ Julia Zasada, 7-8pm, $5-$10 sliding scale.  In this Moonthly Meet Up we will discuss Lunar Energy and Check – In with how it affects our moods and energy levels. Utilizing what astrological sign the Moon is in can help us better understand the Lunar energies that influence our emotions and possibly even our actions. During this Moonthly Meet Up the Full Moon will harness the Energy of Virgo. We will overview the phases of the Moon and begin an open discussion about what lunar energy means to us as emotional beings.

3/2/18  SUNRISE HIVE & INDIANA HERBAL CENTER SPRING OPEN HOUSE 5-7pm, Free Event. We’re excited to get together to celebrate with you…& release new Spring products, potions, and more!  Sunrise Hive will be offering a $1 raffle basket of goodies from the shop and a 15 minute tarot reading with Daun! Come celebrate Spring with us.

3/5/18 COMMUNITY MONDAY Join us for open shopping hours (no readings) 12-6pm.  Drop in anytime today to do your magickal shopping!

3/6/18  ASTROLOGY HOUR: BIRTH CHART BASICS  Hosted by Stevie, Julia, and Amanda, 7-8pm, $5-$10 sliding scale.  Join us at our monthly Astrology Hour to learn the basics, share insights and connect with one another, with a little help from the stars.
This month we are starting at the beginning: How to read your birth chart! We will explain what exactly a birth chart depicts and guide you through the symbols and basic format of your chart. We will also guide you through some of our favorite online resources, so that you can go home and research your personal planetary alignments with confidence and feel prepared for more workshops!
**If you would like us to provide you with your own, printed and laminated birth chart at the time of the event, please pre-register for $10 by Saturday, March 3rd by sending your payment to with your birth date, time and location (city,state).**

3/12/18 COMMUNITY MONDAY Join us for open shopping hours (no readings) 12-6pm.  Drop in anytime today to do your magickal shopping!

3/19/18 COMMUNITY MONDAY Join us for open shopping hours (no readings) 12-6pm.  Drop in anytime today to do your magickal shopping!

3/20/18 CRYSTALS 101: SELENITE Hosted by Kara, 7-8:30pm, $10. Do you find yourself drawn to crystals, gems, and minerals? Have you ever wondered if that attraction means more than visual appeal? In this workshop, we will discuss origins, history, and uses of the mineral Selenite, and how to use it and other crystals to amplify or simplify the energy of your environment, your rituals, and your personal energy. Participants will walk away with a Selenite specimen and enough information to begin incorporating the mineral into their daily lives as a companion, tool, and gift for others. No experience necessary.  All are welcome.

3/22/18 CRAFTING GODDESS AMULET JEWELRY w/ Bianca Alba, 7-9pm, $20, all materials provided.  Limit 10 participants.  Pre-registration is required here:  Have you ever wanted to try creating your own sacred jewelry? Artist Bianca Alba, owner of, will show you how to use polymer clay and metal charms to make various kinds of Goddess amulets (including Sun Goddess, Triple Moon Goddess, and Venusian Yoni amulets) using simple techniques. This workshop is open to everybody, and no previous experience with arts and crafts is necessary. You will leave this workshop having crafted two amulets which can be worn as pendants or placed on an altar, perfect for gift giving or keeping for yourself!  Note: Because these amulets must be heat cured and glazed, your finished amulets will be available for pick-up at the Hive during the following Community Monday, on March 26.

3/27/18 MARCH TAROT TEA HOUR Hosted by Stevie Morris & Alex McKinney, 7-8pm, $5-$10 sliding scale.  Our Monthly Tarot Tea Hour is back! Our dear friend, VII The Chariot, has come to us again for the month of March. We hope to gain insight and inspiration by diving deeper into the meaning of this card. We’ll discuss its traditional symbolism, as well as our own personal relation to this strong, watery archetype. All levels welcome to this discussion circle, no prior tarot experience necessary.

3/26/18 COMMUNITY MONDAY Join us for open shopping hours (no readings) 12-6pm.  Drop in anytime today to do your magickal shopping!

3/30/18  FULL MOON CIRCLE Hosted by Kara, 7-8:30pm, $5-$10 sliding scale.  We will share and discuss Moon facts and legend, as well as how the Libra placement affects the energy of the day and Luna-sensitive beings. Then we head outside, where we will dance, we will sing, and we will Moon Gaze (weather permitting; dress appropriately). Please wear white or blue (accessories count too – we don’t want to cramp your style) and bring an item or two to place on the Full Moon Shrine.

APRIL 2018

4/16/18 SPRING CLEANING TREASURE SWAP Hosted by Kara, 12-7pm.  Persephone has returned & thus, Spring has Sprung. It’s time to blow the dust off your home and let the fresh air in. Bring your gently used (& clean!) and no longer needed clothing, jewelry, household items, and other treasures to swap with others in the Hive Community, and find something new to refresh your world. Have nothing to shed this Spring? Bring a $5 donation and browse the collected items, or just hang out and celebrate the return of Demeter’s Daughter. All cash donations will be put into the Community Fund to support continued events. All items unclaimed by 7pm will be donated to Middle Way House and Stepping Stones Rehabilitation Program in the name of the Sunrise Hive Bees.

4/18/18 TREE SPIRITS CIRCLE Hosted by Elizabeth Cobb. 7-8:30pm, $5-$10 sliding scale.  Have you ever felt the urge to just hug a tree? There’s a reason for that! Trees have/are spirits and embody characteristics such as compassion, inspiration, and the ability to guide us away from tension and anxieties. In this gathering we will discuss tree spirits in a general sense from a cultural, folkloric, and magickal point of view. We will learn simple ways to honor tree spirits, thanking them for all they give us. Our intention will be to develop ideas for personal Arbor Day rituals. Doors at 6:30pm. Open to all tree huggers and those suspecting they might be a tree hugger!

No refunds on pre-registrations or Circle Pass

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