Events are hosted by the Bees Collective unless otherwise indicated. The Bees Collective is an all levels learning group focused on sharing magickal knowledge and community building within the Bloomington area through utilizing Sunrise Hive community space. All events are cash only at the door unless otherwise indicated.

8/21/18 TAROT READINGS with LAUGHING EYE WEEPING EYE 12-6pm with guest reader Rebecca Schoenecker, aka Laughing Eye Weeping Eye from Chicago, IL! By appointment only: call the Hive Hotline at 812-369-4582 to book a reading with Rebecca. A special experience not to be missed…

8/22/18 READING SYMBOLS in TAROT CARDS Workshop with guest facilitator Rebecca Schoenecker, aka Laughing Eye Weeping Eye  from Chicago, IL! $20. Pre-registration required at link by 8/21 or until class is full. In Reading Symbols in Tarot Cards, you will identify important symbols, colors, and visual patterns in tarot card readings. In doing so, you will reveal what the underlying message is. Whether you are a beginner or advanced reader, this course will improve your ability to see the cards with clarity. With honed eyes and awareness, you will form an accurate story based on what you see. Participants will both give and receive readings. A free animal oracle card and zine is included!

8/24/18 FULL MOON CIRCLE: Pisces, Dreamy Divination; 7-8:30pm, $5-$10 sliding scale, walk-ins welcome. August’s Full Moon is in Pisces this year, offering us a dreamy antidote to the earthy, somewhat stern energy of the Virgo Sun. Join our Full Moon Circle to commune in an empathic way. We will discuss the astrology of the Full Moon in Pisces, particularly how it can boost our psychic abilities, as well as how some other planetary movements might be coloring our experience around this time. We will practice meditation to prepare for working with divination. Some simple tarot spreads will be provided, but please feel free to bring your favorite oracle and work with it intuitively, whether or not they be tarot cards! Weather permitting, we will conclude our Circle will a walk up to the roof to howl at the Moon!

8/27/18 TAROT TEA HOUR Hosted by Alex McKinney. 7:00-8:00pm. $5-$10 sliding scale, walk-ins welcome. Join us at Tarot Tea Hour to discuss our card of the month! We aim to gain insight and inspiration by diving deeper into the meanings of the Major Arcana. We will look at the traditional symbolism of the card and share our own personal interpretations in this open circle. At the end, we will draw the card for next month! All levels welcome to this discussion circle, no prior tarot experience necessary.


9/4/18 CRYSTALS 101: THE PRACTICE workshop *at CASCADES WATERFALL SHELTER* Hosted by Kara. 7-9pm, $10. What does it mean to work with crystals? To be servants of the Soul of the Earth? Join the Bees Collective at Lower Cascades Park to experience an introduction to working closely with a crystal friend. Together we will cleanse, commune with, and charge our selected crystal friends, establishing a foundation for working together with them toward a common goal. Bring friends you have already made which are partial to water, or purchase one from Kara for $3/crystal (cash or Venmo @KaraSkyeV). No Experience Necessary! Please join us!

9/19/18 EVERYDAY MAGIC Hosted by Elizabeth Cobb. 7-8:30pm, $5-$10 sliding scale. Have you ever thought, “I am just not that magical.” Or, “I would love to do that, but I don’t have the right magical tools.” Join the Bees Collective on 9/19 to discover the magic you already create every day. We will discuss several ways you engage in sacred behavior on a “normal” basis. The intention will be for you to leave with the realization that you are magical, and maybe some new ways to incorporate magic into your everyday life. No experience necessary. This event is open to anyone with an open heart, open mind, and who is ready to learn.

9/25/18 WORKING WITH THE FAE *at CASCADES WATERFALL SHELTER* Hosted by Kara & Stevie of Faerie Locks & More. 7-9pm, $10. Ask and you shall receive: this Fae workshop will walk us through the basics of who they fae are and how to meet them and work with them, if you dare. We will discuss the creatures themselves, tales about them, ways to honor them, and what to do if you think they are playing games with you. Come prepared to take notes, share stories, and hang outside.

 No refunds on pre-registrations

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