Daun Evema, Reader



I use tarot cards to help you find and follow your bliss!

My specialty is tarot readings blended with guided meditation, animal guides, & goddess guides…focused on the present.  I choose a modern, practical approach: My reading practice is based in guiding you in cultivating and utilizing your own presently available tools, practices, and support.  I offer a modern approach focusing on you and the practical present…not fortune telling the future.  I’m here to offer the service of helping you uncover your most valuable tools for living a blissful life.

I am a frequent guest lecturer on tarot at Indiana University and I’m the owner of Sunrise Hive, Bloomington’s center for tarot readings.  I collaborate with archetype, goddess, and animal cards, clairaudience, and the magic of human connection to help you find your healthy empowerment.  I’m a lifelong student of mythology, magic, science, psychology, and the myriad of subjects that help me become a skilled, caring, and ethical reader for you.  As for my own spiritual path, I’m a curious practitioner of AFW inspired Craft and I’m a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington.  I also enjoy being part of the local yoga and music community.

I have clients all around the world from all walks of life and I look forward to reading with open hearted folks. Blessed be!

Call 812.369.4582 or BOOK ONLINE with Daun.  Phone Readings and Email Readings  also available. 

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