9k=Q:  “What if you tell me something I don’t want to know?

I offer a modern approach focusing on you and the practical present…not fortune telling the future or focusing on others in your life.  My readings are all about you and the present.  I strive to assist you in clarifying the present so you may move forward with joyful clarity.  I’m here to offer the service of helping you uncover your most valuable tools for living a blissful life.

Q: “What if I get the Death card?”

A:  If you get the Death card we’ll talk about personal transformation and the all the changes happening in your life, and how you may gracefully move through transition.  We’ll also talk about how these changes may lead to new opportunities…

Q:  “I’ve never had a tarot reading.  What if I do something wrong?”  

A:  You may have heard myths about tarot readings.  I am here to help you feel comfortable and open so that you may have an inspiring and informative reading.  The only mistake is not getting a reading when you are moved to do so!

Q:  “How do I know this is for real?”  

A:  You won’t know until you try, just like any experience-based phenomena.  I can tell you in my personal experience that tarot cards are a powerful tool and I have seen readings initiate great positive transformation in people’s lives, including my own.  I see cards as a way to enhance a productive, engaged conversation.

Q:  “Do you really believe in this?”  

A:  It’s amazing how often people ask me this question :).  YES!  According to my personal ethics as a professional tarot reader, I do my best to offer an ethical service to my clients who sit at the table with me…which includes fully believing in the gentle power of collaborating with tarot to initiate your personal transformation.  I couldn’t offer my time and energy every day to anything I didn’t believe in.  If you’ve gotten this far…book your reading today!

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All services are performed under my personal ethics based in compassion, service, and true will. 

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