I specialize in helping you see the path of your true calling.  Sometimes this means gently helping you find what you love to do, and sometimes it means the cards will help you clarify your strengths.  Gratefully living in a multi-cultural community, I read for people from all walks of life from all over the world.  As humans we all share similar joys, fears, and obstacles.  Love, relationships, career, family, and spiritual paths are some of the subjects that you may be curious about in your reading.

Q:  “What if you tell me something I don’t want to know?  Maybe I don’t want to know what’s going to happen!”  A good reading starts with a well formulated question, so if you are moved to get a reading, decide what you’d like to know.  This may be a focus, such as “Love,” “Career,” etc, or a specific question you would like answered.  The cards are a tool, and we may use them however we like.  A tarot reading is a safe and confidential opportunity to suspend your fears and ask the deep questions you are moved to ask.

Q:  “I’ve never had a tarot reading.  What if I do something wrong?”  A:  You may have heard rumors that you must use a certain hand to shuffle, you aren’t allowed to touch the deck, etc…but these rules do not apply here!  You may absolutely touch the cards and shuffle however you like.  I am here to help you feel comfortable and open so that you may have an inspiring and informative reading.  The only mistake  is not getting a reading when you are moved to do so!

Q:  “How do I know this is for real?”  A:  You won’t know until you try, just like any experience-based phenomena.  I can tell you in my personal experience that tarot cards are a powerful tool and I have seen readings initiate great positive transformation in people’s lives, including my own.  It’s very real!

Q:  “Do you really believe in this?”  A:  It’s amazing how often people ask me this question:).  YES!  According to my personal ethics as a professional tarot reader, I do my best to offer a truthful, compassionate, ethical service to my clients who sit at the table with me.  I couldn’t offer my time and energy every day to anything I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in.  I enjoy and believe in my job and am so inspired by all my clients.  If you’ve gotten this far…book your reading today!

Call 812.369.4582 to schedule your reading with Daun!

All services are performed under my personal ethics based in compassion, service, and true will. 

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